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So I'm a U.S. citizen and my parents sent me here to the Philippines to study nursing. I was born here and have family here, but I grew up in the states and naturally became a citizen. I've got one... Read More

  1. by   Lanze
    I think I know what you mean. My clinicals and cases were all done outside of the classroom, in the hospital. My lectures and exams were done in the classroom at school.
  2. by   Ginger's Mom
    The CA Board of Nursing will look at this.

    Course: Care of Mother and Newborn 01/01/01 to 06/30/01- Your lectures are on OB.
    only the OB cases done in this time frame will count. Not any medical surgical rotations.
    If you are not doing your ob cases now, the med surg will not count if you are seeing patient 01/01/01 to 06/30/01 who are not maternity.

    Course: Pysch Nurse 09/01/01 to 12/31/01 Your lectures are on psych

    Only seeing pysch patients count here. Not med surg or ob are excluded.

    Course Advance Med Surg 01/01/02 to 06/30/02- lectures on advanced med surg.....

    No ob cases can be done at this time.
  3. by   anne919
    what she meant by that kabayan is that ur PRC cases in OR must be done during the time frame of ur lecture in med-surg. ur OB cases must be started and done during ur OB lectures.

    TO ginger mom, in the Philippines we have clinical duties in the semester, doesnt matter if we had lecture in the morning and 16 hrs of clinical after the lecture. We have medsurg in 3 semesters and human development as pre-OB class, OB class that was done at the same time with MedSurg. we were studying like a madman for our clinical schedules were not fix.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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  5. by   honeypie2008
    @iamnomad what school did u graduated? u said u r closer to morayta?
  6. by   juan de la cruz

    I think you're better off getting a license in Texas especially if you have family there anyway. Regardless of whether your school provided you with concurrent OB, Nursery, and OR completion cases with OB, Peds, and Med-Surg lectures, the bigger issue in California is the fact that there are very few jobs available for any new grad. California grad, out of state grad, or foreign grad - it doesn't matter anymore because the state is saturated with so many nurses. The weather, the mandated nurse-to-patient ratio in hospitals, and the higher salaries have attracted a lot of nurses here through the years many of whom were not trained in the state (either in another US state or another country). I am a Registered Nurse (and a Nurse Practitioner) in the San Francisco Bay Area and I rarely see new grads hired in full time positions in hospitals. With this much pool of applicants for few positions, the hospitals can choose the more experienced nurses when hiring. There is even a local hospitals that is hiring new grads only in per diem positions! I also don't think the state is anti-Filipino -- there are so many Filipino nurses working in hospitals here and a good number of us are educated at the BSN level in the Philippines like myself. I know you grew up California and this is your home but it's not realistic to plan to find a job here right now. Gain some experience in Texas, get advanced education at the graduate degree level, and maybe you can come back here later on when things change.
  7. by   futureRN009
    Hi! I'm in your exact position and I was just wondering how did everything end up for you? I'm a fresh BSN grad and I'm heading back to the states next year and I have no idea on what to do.

    Did you take the NCLEX in CA? or in a different state? Did you still have to take IELTS?

    Do you have any advice for a futureRN? Really means alot!