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    Hi my friends,

    I wonder how many nurses are there in U.S from Turkey?

    I hope I will get in touch as many as you possible through this site so we can help each other about NCLEX-RN and obtaining working permit.

    Let's share our experiences

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    I'm not from Turkiye,but my husband is from Istanbul. I'm a RN from the United States.I'm originally from China.I did everything every foreign nurse did to come to the USA.I'm going to Istanbul in April.If you have questions I can help you.

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    New country!!! Hey how is nursing there in Turkey? What do you have to do in order to get licensed in Turkey? How's the educational system in nursing there? How many years would it take you to receive your nursing degree there?
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    Quote from nursecubanitarn2b
    new country!!! hey how is nursing there in turkey? what do you have to do in order to get licensed in turkey? how's the educational system in nursing there? how many years would it take you to receive your nursing degree there?

    i love being a nurse in my country. like all other country nurses, here we also face issues like autonomy, wages, long working hours,etc.

    in order to become a nurse, one needs to complete a 4 year degree at a nursing school.
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    Quote from tinasmall

    i'm not from turkiye,but my husband is from istanbul. i'm a rn from the united states.i'm originally from china.i did everything every foreign nurse did to come to the usa.i'm going to istanbul in april.if you have questions i can help you.


    nice to find someone here who has connections with turkiye
    in which state do you live in?
    i wonder is it easy for a foreign nurse to find a job after passing nclex-rn? do foreign nurses get paid less compare to the local nurses?

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    Hi Istranbul

    Also I'm from Turkey from Istanbul but I live in New York. I've been living here in the States almost for 3 years. I passed my nclex-rn on December 11 2009 it wasn't easy. Now I'm waiting to receive my License as RN from New York Board. It took me like one and a half year to be able to take the test.
    I took my nursing degree from Romania but I worked in Capa Medical Faculty in Istanbul. After I came here I had to study to learn English then I had started to study for nursing.
    First of all you need to decide in which state do you wish to work and then you need to contact CGFNS and to see the requirements for which state you are going to apply. I will be very glad to give you more information if you need. When I first came to this country nobody could helped me about my situation because nobody heard about Turkish Nurses and nursing in Turkey. I should say if Silverdragon and Suzzan wouldn't help me I wouldn't been gotten my RN License in this country This forum helped me a lot and I would like to help you too.
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    I'm living in New York too. It's not easy for a foreign nurse to find a job after pass NCLEX-RN.To be able to find a job, you need to have the eligible working status to work here,which means either you can find a sponsor to help you to get a H1-B visa or you are a green card holder. They are treated equally,but I'm not sure about the foreign nurses who are holding H1-B visa.
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    Ablez,which hospital you are going to apply?
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    Hi Istanbul

    I haven't decided yet to which hospital I'm going to apply. I will send my resume and I will see from where I will get answers. What is your status?
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    Hi Ablez,

    First of all, best of luck to you with your applications to the hospitals. I hope you'll find the best job for you

    I applied to California board of nurses and I took NCLEX-RN last year but I couldn't pass it
    I started to study again and I hope next summer I'll pass it

    At california, the board does not require a CGFNS certificate so I guess it will be enough to pass the NCLEX-RN to be licenced.

    Ablez, can you please tell me which sources to use for prepaparation for NCLEX-RN?
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