TN Visa Requirements

  1. I have a question about the documents that I will need to bring with me as I fly into the US (I am a Canadian citizen). I already have the Visa Screen Certificate from CGFNS, passed my NCLEX, have my BSN from a school in Georgia and have my CA license.

    So the only things I need to bring with me are:
    - Visa Screen Certificate
    - NCLEX results
    - CA license
    - Transcripts and/or copy of my diploma
    - Job offer letter from the hospital I will be working at
    - Passport
    Is there anything else I need to have/bring?

    Also, I am engaged to marry an American citizen, so I plan to apply for my green card through him (I have no idea how this process is done, but will worry about that later). My question is: should I not mention this through immigration because it's my understanding they want to make sure my intended stay is tempory (obviously that is not the case).
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Only answer questions that are asked of you.
  4. by   C0252786
    I agree with Silverdragon! This is called dual intent (in the case that your husband is american citizen) Don't tell them you are engaged to an american citizen!!!! as that will red flag you and you will get denied your TN.

    Also bring with you:
    Your resume and a copy of any other license that you have in Canada (as you need to be licensed in a province as a RN in order to recieve a TN)
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    If they ask about relationships tell them if they don't ask don't offer. Don't lie to them as it can come back and kick you in your behind. I have seen TN visa given to people who are in relationships with USC