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Hi everyone, I have finally been contacted by a company in Alberta re: a LPN position. I wanted to know if anyone has dealt with The Bethany Group and can tell me about Camrose Alberta... I... Read More

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    Sometimes the devil you know truly is better than the one you don't. But if you wait for everything to be absolutely perfect, you'll be waiting a LONG time. And even when you think you've got everything worked out, something (or many things, as I found out the hard way) will fall apart at the last minute. Finding a place to rent in a small town is always difficult. But on the other hand, small-town people tend to be more willing to bend than people in cities; they know there's not a lot of options for people and will sometimes make exceptions. This might be of interest to you:
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    Jan - thanks for the link... i emailed that one with no response... I need more friends all over the provinces... so i can move.. .somedays i wished i lived in an RV...

    I have called a couple of places... do you know of any towns outside of camrose that would be close.. maps are not really any help.. camrose looks like a city in the middle of nowhere.. which i am used to.. LOL
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    Wetaskiwin is about as far from Camrose as I am from my job in Edmonton... a 30 minute drive. It's bigger than Camrose and might be an alternative for you. There are a couple of rentals there that might suit you. The rest of the communities around Camrose are small farming communities.
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    If you can get the guarantee in writing, I would move to AB. ON is not very lucrative in terms of jobs, and AB pays better. I am originally from ON and I moved to AB. The best move I could have made.

    I have friends that are still working casual in ON a year and a half after graduation. Another couple of friends accepted what they thought was a great opportunity at a downtown TO hospital, and there are talks of more layoffs looming for some people. Good luck with your decision.
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    Hey Trish
    I also have interviewed with them. Would like to message you but I just joined so it won't allow me. Have you made up your mind if your going to take it or not? Email me I am unsure at this point. They are requesting references etc. It IS full time.... but it's quite a ways from where I live now. Not as far as you at least I am in Alberta. Was your phone interview very long mine was not long at all. Anyways email me if you'd like.
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    The phone interview wasn't long at all. I decided against it. Mainly because there is not much housing down there that would be suitable for my family.. I decided to stay in ON for now.