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taking NCLEX in vermont

  1. 0 hiii everyone,
    i am a fresh graduate from India,I wish to appear for NCLEX but i have a confusion in selecting a state.where to take the exam?some says that taking exam and passing scores varies from state to state!!! is that true? what about taking exam in vermont board of nursing? does any one know the passing percentage in vermont? please help me to select a state to appear for exam ..thank you
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    Hi! Congratulations on graduating... you may want to see where you would like to practice and then take the NCLEX in that state. I think the pass rate varies from school to school...
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    i am also graduated from india...are you still in india??....from where did you graduate???? i am also preparing for nclex rn exam....its my second try....tell me about your study plan...what are you studying....i am in ca...and i am gonna have it in ca...i would suggest ca ......
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    Which state do you want to work in? That should be the starting point. Only exception I would say is California as they will not give you a license without a SSN which you can only get once you have a valid work visa and if you haven't got one with retrogression you are looking at several years wait.