Seniors, Guns, WTH???

  1. Saw this on yahoo:

    HoBy The Canadian Press

    MONTREAL - An 84-year-old Montreal man faces seven charges including attemped murder after a nurse was shot in a retirement home.

    Celso Gentili also faces various assault and weapons charges arising from Tuesday's incident. His lawyer has asked that his client be seen by a doctor. The man will undergo a psychiatric evaluation and reappear in court on Friday.

    The woman in her 40s is in stable condition in hospital after being shot in the thorax.

    She is the mother of five-year-old twins.

    w did he even have a gun???
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  3. by   linzz
    Just crazy. I have never heard of this going on but, who knows. I have however heard of and seen residents yell at each other and even fist fight but guns, no. Maybe it will draw some attention to the conditions of LTC and residents needing mental health treatment, but likely not.

    I can't imagine how traumatized this nurse must be. I hope that she has a full recovery.