RPN-B.S.c.N. program advice?

  1. Hello my name is Darren. I have just finished the RPN course at Conestoga and wish to upgrade next fall (Sept 2012) to become a Registered Nurse. Is there anyone who has taken the rpn-bscn course at conestoga or mohawk in the past? I would very much appreciate the feedback about the course on what to expect or things I should look outout for or do before taking the program, in terms of subjects I should look over which I've done in the RPN program. Thank-You very much!
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  3. by   Daisy_08
    i would not recommend taking it with mcmaster. i am currently and, well... i hate it. if i knew then what i know now, i would not have taken it.

    the school is pbl based meaning problem/person based learning. i find it means lots of group work with shared grades (when someone does not pull their weight i have to do more work or be okay with a bad grade) pbl also means you teach yourself, the teachers will say you don’t teach yourself ‘you direct your learning needs’, but i'm telling you, you do teach yourself. it is all very frustrating.

    i think you should be aware of what you’re getting into. mcmaster is very different then any other university in ontario, i’ve heard north america.

    now, all of that being said. it’s doable. you learn to play the game. i'm not planning on dropping out, or switching schools. i have a job i love, and a family here (i love them too). just be aware of what you are getting into. it is more difficult then the rpn program (although i think if they ran it the same way as the rpn program it wouldn't be). but if your goal is to get your bscn it will give you that. the mac program focus less on clinical time and more on research then all other nursing schools, so already having the clinical experience is a good thing if you go there.
  4. by   blue.streak
    Not the answer I was expecting but nevertheless I guess I should just take it day-by-day and see for myself. You mention before about their being alot of group work is this the same with essays? I've heard from other BScN students that their was alot of essays and you were pretty well assigned one everyday for the most part. Are you taking the program at doon campus in Kitchener?
  5. by   Daisy_08
    Sorry if I burst a bubble there. I’ll try and give you something constructive.
    My advice would be if you want it go for it. Getting an education is never a waste. I am happy I did/am doing it, the path just sucks. I would suggest start your electives now. Don’t take anything health or science related, nothing that could overlap with core courses. You can take them online, I hear Athabasca is good. If you get 12 units done before you start, that’s usually about 4 courses (2 winter, 2 summer) that would help a lot. I would suggest you still take 1 elective in your first and 1 second semester. Then one more the following summer, then you’re done (need 21). You don’t want to have any in third or fourth year (and I say third and fourth year because you start at second year).
    Each year they change the program due to student feedback. So I really don’t know what you should expect. In terms of subjects, I don’t think any of that would really help, I’d stick to the electives. Marieb and Hoehn Human Anatomy and Physiology is the book you will use for Bio could look at that if you really wanted to.
    Yes lots of essays, I do well on them so it’s not a big deal to me. An essay every other day, no. Every week, yes.
  6. by   joanna73
    Just so you are aware, any BsCN program has a ton of group work, whether it's PBL or not. I suffered through 4 years of group work and shared grades, too. Most of the time, I edited the final products. I wasn't about to entrust my grades to others. Was it all worth it? Absolutely.

    You do learn to play the game. Same goes for your workplace too.
  7. by   daniecameron
    I honestly don't know why anyone is surprised that a B.Sc. in anything, especially something as competitive as nursing, requires a lot of work. I'm doing a BA in psych right now and having to write a 2000 word research paper a week isn't surprising. One a day is clearly an exaggeration, but it's going to take a lot of work regardless.

    That said, group work sucks :/ If I don't get into my BScN straight away, I'll be doing a bridging program. I'm definitely not doing it through Conestoga though, I've had enough of KWC by now!

    Good luck blue.streak, I'm sure you can get through it!