RNs/RPNs are you allowed to apply to other "healthcare" positions? RNs/RPNs are you allowed to apply to other "healthcare" positions? | allnurses

RNs/RPNs are you allowed to apply to other "healthcare" positions?

  1. 0 I'm talking porters/clerks/Health Care aides etc?

    Is it different once you're registered?
    I'm just wondering because I've been applying to nursing postings for some time now- I was told my cover letter/resume were great but I still have not had much feedback...
    but I am seeing non-nursing positions through the hospital that pay pretty well- are we allowed to take a stab at these jobs? do we even get considered? is there a chance it may jeopardize our license?

    People keep telling me "just apply to whatever position" for some reason that seems easier said than done...
    Just wanting to get my foot in the door :uhoh21:

    Thank you.
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    There is nothing stopping you from applying for these jobs if you fit the requirements.
    In my neck of the woods ward clerks have to have taken the ward clerk course and have the certificate.Porter jobs at the hospital where I work have nothing to do with the patients. It's more of a cleaning job.
    You could apply as an aide/PSW.
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    Clerks usually need the unit clerk course.

    Our porters (in acute care) usually push the stretchers, wheelchairs around with patients in them.

    Dietary hires off the street.

    Health Records can usually use file clerks and they need some medical terminology.

    A paycheque is a paycheque.
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    Nurses are allowed to work as a PSW?
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    I know that someone who did until she found a nursing job.The duties of a PSW are well within the scope of an RPN.
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    Lots of nurses start out as PSWs and/or work as PSWs while waiting to finish school and get their license. I did.

    The CNO has some info on working in a role like this on thier website.
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    Hi there,

    The positions are open to all who qualify. Personally, if it was me, I would create a whole new resume for any non nursing positions. Replace your nursing education information with your high school information. If you get hired on and have been there for a while, then start sending out your nursing resume. You gotta do what you gotta do!
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    I completely disagree with successfulalways' advice to misrepresent qualifications on a resume.
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    I agree.There is no reason to misrepresent your level of education.