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Right form for NMC?

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    I'm currently in midst of the registration process to work in London through Travel continental nursing. I just called their office for some help but they are closed so I was hoping to pick your brains about this...

    The NMC stated I sent the wrong nursing registration certificate. I'm a Canadian nurse from Quebec and sent them a notarized copy of my initial nursing permit certificate from Quebec, in English, which per the Ontario example travel continental sent me, is the same thing. I'm not sure what the NMC is after. Any ideas?
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    Have you checked out the overseas section of the NMC?

    Moved to the International forum as per the red banner
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    On the website? Yes.

    Im thinking the NMC is confused because my Quebec certificate says "permit" as opposed to "registration".

    Unless anyone else has any insight...
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    Probably better contacting the NMC directly and ask them which form they want