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    I have completed bachelor's degree in nursing(B.Sc nursing).I'm an Indian registered nurse and have one year experience in paediatric nursing.I scored overall 7 in IELTS (Reading and listening 7, speaking and writing 6.5).Now i decided to take a Bachelor's of nursing post registration programme that has one year duration .I want to know whether this course lead to direct registration as a Division -1 nurse or i have to go for another kind of conversion course?. One more thing is many are suggested me to go to philippines and the course like aged care for about 4 months in a reputed australian university which is present in philippines then you take a fly to australia as a occupational trainee then you can go for adaptation course( which leads to australian registration within12 weeks).Will it be better way to move to australia?
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    There is no point worrying about any further nursing education until you have been assessed by the National nursing board... go here and apply for registration first, then they will let you know what you need to do...

    I think some universities offer a year course which can lead to registration, but you still must apply to national nurses board to be RN, talk or email student advisors at the universty to see if the course leads to registration, though this is very expensive course.

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    Please read New nurse Fillipino graduate thread, its all there..

    I do not know of any course in aged care in the Phillipines that would lead to a visa and employment in Australia, this would not be so, as aged care workers are not on skilled worker list and the course would not come under the Australian Qualification system.

    If your work is not on the skills shortage list you must go through the immigration process or get sponsored by family in Australia to get a stay and working visa.

    If you are on skill shortage list, must have a sponsor that has applied to government to be a sponsor because they could not fill a position with an Australian or PR.

    Or you go through the process of immigration or get sponsored by family here that are permanent resident or Australian citizen, one cannot just come do a short course and get a job and start working....that is illegal. You must have a visa that allows this, for you to stay and to work and there are conditions.

    Or if you are on skilled workers list, and a nurse you must apply to the national board and see if you can register, if not they will tell you what to do.

    If you come over here to study at a university then when the course is finsihed you still must get registered with the national nurses board and then apply to be assessed through ANMC then you can immigrate more quickly.

    Or after you get National nursing registration you find a sponsor as described before the work must be full time and for at least 2 years I think. These are becoming much harder to get. Do not be fooled by people telling you they have been offered work without registration, as an employer cannot apply as a sponsor and be approved to do this until the international nurse is registered with the National board. Or if they do this it is against sponsorship policy as they must attest that no Australian nurse was available for this position, an international nurse with no Australian nursing registration is not to be considered an alternative as the name and registration number of the newly registered international nurse has to be part of the application to be a sponsor.

    Citizens from some countries can acquire working/holiday visas for up to 2 years up to a certain age, this is reciprical, so if your country does not offer it to Australians then you cannot apply for this. look at the immigration site Department of Immigration Citizenship

    ps. you must get 7 in IELTS in one sitting to be an RN.
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