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  1. I am currently completing my undergrad degree in nursing and considering my options of career paths. I believe I have changed career paths once again. I was going to go on to complete a masters to become a CRNA, but with my current outlook on life. I believe that I should no longer go that route. I want to move to Australia and as far as I know they don't honor such degree. But I was wondering if anyone knows whats going on in OZ with the current health reform and if the job scope of a NP has expanded? And what exactly is the job scope of a NP in OZ? Also, does anyone know if the nursing boards in OZ are accepting USA NP degrees? and if they do, would it be better to obtain a US certification or OZ? Obviously I am sick of America and want out. I spent a month in the south pacific a few years back and spent most of it in Australia and loved it! Anyways, any info on OZ NPs would be great!

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  3. by   ceridwyn
    No one seems to answer these, as no one ever gets back to acknowledge our replies...I am not sure what health reform you are talking about, the only one on at the moment is the federal government taking over the funding from state governments and the boundaries and how this is going to work is up for discussion.

    as for NP and their scope of practice, they have advanced practice skills, they assess and can prescribe according to their speciality....thats were it has got a bit complicated, each state has laws about drugs and prescribing and victorian NP's had specific drugs according to their speciality specifically named what they could prescribe, I know from personal experience the NP's in ED at our local hospital, have and use advanced skills, and prescribe with no hassle..

    As Australians we have no idea what internationally is acceptable by our national board as qualifications unless we have met someone along the way that has gone through the process, there is a list with AHPRA of what master programs have been deemed acceptable here, if we can gain a nurse practitioner candidate position, so that we can pursue this if we want.

    We also do not know the scope of practice NP's have over in the states, so cannot make comment on this. Unfortunately the NP website here does not seem to have forums for outsiders to access so that you may ask from more informed people.
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    What ceridwyn said, and - to the best of my knowledge we don't have any kind of nursing anaesthesia practitioners, but do have NP's in other areas