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    cno lack of transparency, i am unable to contact the entry to practice assessors. unfairness i have been waiting more than others.

    my wife who was a rn in our country applied to cno 18 months ago for license as a rpn(she studied in 2 years program). 12 months ago cno got all necessary documents. since then they do not answer phone and do not answer e-mails. their customer service is useless, all they can say is that: "your file is in line for assessment". in line for assessment for 12 months. is it reasonable?
    they did answer us when we involved our local parliament member but answer was the same. when they answer they just give general answers like "we experience high volume of applicants". i am not even sure whether they really bothered to check the status of her file. w

    we even contacted [color=#5b1094]office of the fairness commissioner but they do not part in personal cases(how convenient).

    i personally went trough cno as rn an it took me less time to complete the process. i know other internationally educated rpns who completed the process in less time.

    did anybody pay attention they do not advertise the contact information of their senior staff, all other provinces do. you need to fish around for that information.

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    She just needs to wait her turn, just like everyone else.
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    not like everybody else, everybody else have completed the process in less time.
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    Application for licensure for Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) often will take several months longer than those educated within a country especially when applying for different level of licensure than one educated in.
    Many Philippine nurses have similar laments about the California and Maryland Board of Nursing take more than a year processing applications. With economic recession, many governments have cutback staff while license applications are at an all time high.

    Most nursing boards do not list staff publically for privacy concerns and/or to prevent flooded voicemails/inbox,especially when staffers are on vacation.

    I suggest your wife send a letter re her issues to BON return receipt requested might be best way of getting a response.
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    thanks for your replay. When I applied to new york it took me 2 years. However I am talking about IENs who went through CNO. The classmates(same nursing school) of my wife passed the process in less time. I cannot find processing times for CNO. Usually processing times advertised on line but not
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    The CNO will process your paperwork when they get to it. For people wishing to move Provinces, this may take three months. IEN's take longer. You could try giving them a call, although you will need to be more diplomatic than you come across in your posts.
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    I used all sorts of tactics I even wrote a gratitude letter to my assessor. Nothing worked.
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    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    send a letter re her issues to BON return receipt requested might be best way of getting a response
    Sorry, What Bon stand for?
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    BON is Board of Nursing. The Colleges are the Canadian equivalent to them in the US.
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    Patience is the key! 12 months does seem a bit long though!

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