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  1. Hello Proud Nurses in U.S.,

    I am so grateful to find this website. Here are my problems. I live in Korea and I am about to graduate nursing college. I got myself into nursing college because I thought I can go anywhere I want with a job that can actually support me financially which was nursing I thought 3 years ago.
    I have been finding out that it would cost me more than ten grand just to get a job in the states because of several reasons.

    I have to go through agency in Korea since it seems like every nursing students are doing it due to their poor English. Majority of Korean nurses don't speak English at all. So they have this NCLEX program to send off thses students but they charge them for English lessons, Visa process, Transportation, NCLEX class and so on. I cannot afford ten grand. I have been working my ass off studying and working in the morning and night to go to school and to make a living. As you can see I don't need to pay for English lessons because I have been working as an interpreter and English teacher for the last ten years and I know medical English owing to online NCLEX program from U.S. But Every agency that I spoke to I have to pay for English lesson because that's part of program.

    Thanks for reading my situation so far. So here are the big questions for the nurses out there who can give me some great tips.

    1. I want to work in the states right after I get my NCLEX. Can I get a job in the states without hospital experience as a foreign nurse?

    2. If I have to go through an agency or somekind in the states, Is there any agency that can help me with this kind of problem without costing me extra English lesson? -English lesson is extremely expensive. No wonder agency doesn't want to give that away.

    3. It seems like everywhere I checked online, Employers including states and Korea, they all prefer experienced nurses which makes perfect sense. It just that I worked so hard for the last 3 years with tears and bleeding toes due to clinical hours at several hospitals. How can I get a job someone like me without experience, just graduated and a non-resident U.S. citizen? Anyone out there?

    Thanks a million,

    P.S. Ooops! I think I posted this message somewhere at Suzzane4 section. first timer. Excuse me!!
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    A. There are no jobs for foreign nurses in the USA at this time. US is under retrogression and will be for a long time.

    B. Experience is always preferred, and when the doors open ( which maybe a very long time) having experience will put you ahead of a person with no experience.

    C. For immigration purposes you need a BSN? Your mention a three year program, usually a BSN is 4 years or more.

    D. Check out all the posts much has been written on this subject.

    Your written English is great, if you speak as well as you write you lanuage will not be an issue. Any chance of working at a US Army hospital?
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    For immigration to the US you have to pass a English exam, you can't escape it. As mentioned there is a retrogression going on at the moment with the US and currently looking at several years for a visa and we are seeing less and less hospitals petitioning foreign nurses. We are also seeing posts where hospitals are laying off or not replacing staff when they leave due to finances. Experience will always count. May also what to consider another country although most do ask for some experience.

    I would suggest a very good read in this forum