please give me any informations(goods & bads) about BCIT, UBC and Langara

  1. hello
    i'm a high school student who cant decide which nursing school i should go to. i heard that BCIT, UBC and Langara are all good for people who wants to take nursing. However, my questions is which school YOU think the best(hmmm~ more like which school you would recommend and why). Also please tell me which school would be easier to get in because i heard nursing program is VERY competitive i also did some research about each school and you need at least have two years of science in UBC in order to have a chance to get in nursing program? and BCIT no longer have ESN which would affect some opportunities getting a job? should i go for Bachelor or Degree? and lastly, if i am interested in surgery type of things then which school would be better for me?

    sorry i asked A LOT of questions but i really need advises and some of YOUR opinions. Both biasing opinion or just general information will all be VERY VERY helpful. thank you!
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  3. by   4_Sq
    TRU would be my choice if I was starting over again..
    This is a very nice university, you will get an excellent education.
    Do your Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.
    All the best to you!!
  4. by   moneylover
    really? i went on their website, it is very nice and their requirement is pretty reasonable too! but can you tell me a little bit more about TRU? like is it very competitive? what are they offer(co-op, ESN)? and any goods that other's dont have?

    thank you!
  5. by   petethecanuck
    There is no co-op in nursing school. You can undergrad. Info for BC can be found here:

    Nursing school is VERY competitive, no matter what school you apply to. Minimum GPA is usually a 3.0 but admission GPA usually floats around the 3.5 area.

    Good luck.
  6. by   4_Sq
    TRU, lovely new campus, smaller class size, less competitive, very friendly small city, lower cost of living
  7. by   jasn
    You need at least 2 years (60 credits) of university before BCIT will accept you. They look for you to have a certain credits too, typically 3 credits of English, 6 credits of psych or sociology, and at least one 200+ level Arts elective. These credits are part of the program, so having them done already lightens your load

    Most people also have health care experience (work or volunteer), or work experience in general (ie. restaurant, retail, etc.)
  8. by   moneylover
    what!!?? is there any school i can go to nursing program directly?? and if i have to have at least two years of university before got accepted by BCIT which university or program do you recommend me to take?

    Please give more information about BCIT, UBC and Langara, please please please
    thank you
  9. by   Nicole_Boots
    Hello, I don't know if you already have your answers yet or not, but...

    Langara and VCC both require previous credits in English, Bio, etc to be considered for the program, and last I heard both programs have 1-3 year waitlists.

    UBC is a 2 year program, but you complete your first 2 (or more) years in the faculty of your choice (sciences, general studies, etc) doing classes like bio and english that you choose, and then you must apply to the nursing program (as I understand it from their website). So, it is (kind of) like starting right out from high school. As mentioned by another poster, BCIT requires at least 30 credits, but it is better to have 60 to be a competitive applicant. However, UBC and BCIT do not have waitlists - applicants must re-apply every term.

    BCIT doesn't have the ESN, but there is a paid co-op in the last level (so says my orientation info - I start at BCIT this August).

    These programs are all for Bachelor's degrees. And I believe that's the best way to go.

    Go get some post-secondary classes under your belt, do some volunteering, have some fun, and then decide on the best place for you.

    Good Luck!