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OZ Nurses in E3 visa

  1. 0 Hey Aussie nurses !!

    Please share your journeys regarding E3 visa.
    How did you go with your 2013 mission of landing a job in USA (E3 visa)

    Good Luck Aussie Nurses for upcoming new year 2014 and would like to wish you all very very best. May all your future dream comes true in USA.

    Awaiting your massive responses

    Currently in USA.
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    Are you Australian?
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    Hey Ghillbert

    I am Australian now :-)

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    If you have a specific question about E3 visas please post it. I started on E-3 status back in 2008 and have been in the US with E-3 renewals since then.
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    Thanks Ghillbert
    As I was told E3 can affect residency, I have decided to wait until my permanent residency gets finalised. In the mean time, I am exploring America ! Trying to find some Aussie connections and contemplating towards Masters degree.

    P.S ( can I send you PM ?)
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    I am not sure what you mean about E-3 affecting residency - it doesn't. It's a non-immigrant working visa. There is no rule about not having simultaneous PR application in process. Indeed, people have adjusted status straight from E-3 to green card.

    Of course you can message if you have questions.
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    Thank you Ghilbert