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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a 25 year old RN about to undertake the grad cert in emergency nursing in 2010. It has long been an ambition of mine to travel to the US and work there for a while. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for which agencies to use etc? I dont even know where to start; there is so much information on the internet that im having trouble filtering thru everything and I cant figure out if it is all bona fide or not.
    Is there any such thing as immigration agents to the US? I know they exist to aid people getting work in Australia, was just wondering if the same services exist for people wanting to go over there.

    I would be really grateful for any info anyone could share.

    Thanks and happy new year

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    Which route are you looking at working in the US with? Starting point regardless will be with the state you wish to work in and meet their requirements for Foreign trained nurse
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    How many years' experience do you have in nursing? In which areas? When are you looking to go over?

    There is a work visa for Australian citizens in specialty occupations (E-3) which you can research. You must have a specialty, a bachelor degree, and generally sufficient clinical experience. You must also find a hospital willing to employ you. The advantage of this visa is it is cheap (<$160), fast, may be renewed indefinitely, there are plenty of them, and you can start work as soon as you qualify.

    You would obviously still need to get a local US nursing license including applying to a state nursing board, obtaining CES if required, completing NCLEX exam, and then obtaining Visa Screen Certificate.
  5. by   nannyt

    Im loooking to work up in the northern states, washington, alaska etc. Do you know of any recommended nursing agencies that can look after you from point a? i have had a look on the internet but I just cant seem to figure out who is bona fide!