OPT eligibility and Accelerated Nursing Program

  1. 0 I already have a B.S from U.S, and I have not done any type of OPT.

    I am taking pre-requsites for nursing and pharmacy schools right now at a univeristy, and

    My interest has gradually shifted towards nursing, and I am seriously considering a career in nursing.

    I was wondering if I would be eligible for OPT and H1 if I purse Accelerated Nursing Program?
    I am pretty sure I would be eligible for OPT and H1 after completing regular BSN program, but I am just worried
    if accelerated program changes anything especially because I already have a B.S from a university in U.S?

    Also, would there be a problem when the hospital file for H1 when I graduate?
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    I think if you haven't used OPT for BSN then you should be OK to use it again. H1b visa is a specialist visa and as anew grad I doubt you will meet requirements plus with current recession in the US you may find it hard to find a hospital that uses it. Not all hospitals use H1b

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