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Nursing in West Indies

  1. 0 hi,
    Need some advice please. Can anyone tell me about nursing in the West Indies? I have a job offer from there and would like to contact someone there. Any tips on job details, working conditions, lifestyle etc.
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    where in the west indies have you been offered a job?
    the islands are not called the west indies anymore.
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    Frankly I will not know which island or hospital till all the formalities (paperwork & verification) is over. this will take about three months time. I presume it to be the "British West indies".
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    OOhhhhh, can I come?
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    You should not even consider signing one document until you have been provided with all facts, etc. Once you sign, you can incur large fees for cancellation of something that you do not like.

    Please take the time to research everything before you have signed. I hope that you have not signed already, or have you? Time to check things out is before you sign.

    And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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