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Nursing from India : NCLEX Requirements

  1. 0 I am living in New Jersey and I have done my diploma in nursing from india(GNM). I want to become a RN . What is the procedure ? I tried to check online but it seems too complicated . So far I found following steps. I think If I am planning to work in NY I dont need to give CGFNS exam .

    1. Get a CGFNS evluation of my education credentials but I am not sure which report I need to get
    2. Once report is received apply for NCLEX elegibility
    3. Prepare and pass NCLEX exam .

    I would rellay appreciate it if some one can guide me here .
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    Are you eligible for employment?
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    If trained outside the US then for NY CVS is the route you have to take and all information is on the CGFNS website. In a nutshell you provide the information, they send appropriate documentation to the required departments based on the information you provide and once everything is in or 6 months has passed will forward everything to NY BON who will make decision on whether you meet requirements and can sit NCLEX. Average processing times for CVS is 6-8 months