nurses for canada...

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    is this agency credible??

    they say there's no work experience necessary but must be a philippine board passer
    only for nurses but also for doctors, x-ray tech., p.t, accountants professionals.
    how can i be sure that this is for real and not a scam.....this is really a g0od opportunity
    for those who don have any working experience like me.....anybody know's this agency???

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    Why oh why would you want to use an agency when you can do this on your own and use your money more appropriately.

    There are many threads discussing Canada and what you need to be aware on is a few things

    Canada is a huge place so where do you want to live and work?
    Many provinces are having staff issues and nurses are moving provinces for work so finding a employer when you have no experience I think will be very hard.

    Suggest a good read in this forum and starting point would be
    FAQ for Canada: Substantially Equivalent Competence (SEC) Assessments - Nursing for Nurses
    FAQ: The Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) - Nursing for Nurses
    ***Internationally Educated Nurses: VERY IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST*** - Nursing for Nurses
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    ahh..thank u very much for the reply..Ms. Silverdragon102...
    its bec. agency can provide us with fast and easy way to go abroad.. ...
    i was doubtful with the info given by the agency....
    a friend of mine, the one who is working in that agency said that the agency will be the one to process everything
    give us the specific info as to where we will be working and the place where will be staying and also will provide us an employer..s0 all we hav to do is to follow the instructions given by the agency,......but i guess this is a scam...

    nywayz thank u very much for the info Ms..Godbless!
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    like to clarify this issue,first if you are applying for an immigrant visa as a nurse and reach the 67 pts the you can migrant here, but to work here as a registered Canadian registered then you have to be pass the CNA exam which is more difficult than the immigration process,in short Immigration and CNA are two different and independent office.There are many nurses here(filipinos,swiss,nigerian,british) who the follow same process no more no less, so many nurses here have to work as nursing aides while they are still on the process of getting their license.What fiona and jan are saying in this site are true and could be sometimes depressing but a reality check for all nurses who wants to work here,even if you pass the CNA exam your nursing experience in your home country comes in to place because nursing jobs are getting difficult to get.

    My advice while applying for your immigrant visa, submit your papers for assessment at the provincial nursing board of your choice.Canada wants us to work and succeed in our profession and we owe this to them.
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    Agencies don't make it any faster to work in Canada. Everyone has to follow the same paperwork and procedures when it comes to PR and work permit (depends which route you take) for Canada.

    You still have to pass CRNE to work as a RN here in Canada and for many IEN's regardless on where they are from we are seeing that some form of assessment is required to meet college requirements with the province of choice.
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    Ms.nancy36 and Ms. Silverdragon102

    --thank u very much for the info and advice..i thought applying in an agency makes everything fast and easy the agency also said that NCLEX is not needed the only necessary is that u must pass Philippine board exam....
    but i guess there's no easy way to success........
    as of now i am reviewing for my NCLEX and hopefully will pass the exam...
    tnx again and Godbless...!
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    you are asking for Canada and NCLEX has nothing to do with Canada. You do have to have a passed NLE to meet Canadian requirements and you will need to sit and pass CRNE if you want to work as a nurse in Canada, there is no way round it
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    yea i only knew that NCLEX has nothing to do with canada when i read the site uve given me
    and i really need to study for the exam inorder to pass ill work hard for my future
    tnx for the reply Ms..
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    Now you really are confusing me, if you know NCLEX has nothing to do with Canada then I presume you don't really want to work in Canada because the CRNE is a different kettle of fish to the NCLEX

    If Canada is really where you want to live and work you are better looking at how the CRNE works and study for that
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    ahw no! actually my mom works in new york and she's the one who wants me to take NCLEX but we know that retrogression is still ongoing so the plan was change instead in new york mom wants me to go to canada at first i thought if u pass NCLEX then ur allowed to work in canada but im wrong s0 still hav to take CRNE so i can work there yeA i mean i need to study CRNE not NCLEX hehehe....tnx for the advise Ms....GOdbless...

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