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  1. I am beginning to think that northern nurses are a breed of their own.. lol..

    I am a Registered Practical Nurse currently in Northern Ontario (remote fly in only community).. I have been here for 6 weeks and am really enjoying my time...

    This was my first experience in the north and i really now can't stop thinking about moving even farther north..

    The area i am in is beautiful but too remote and isolated for my daughter and i for longer than 2 yrs... As I said its fly in only, on a reserve, etc... We do enjoy the outdoors and I can't wait for the summer (although i have been warned the flies are huge and the heat is insane)...

    I am staying here for at a year (minimum) but would love to go to Yukon, Nunavut, or NWT when I am done... I am hoping since my housing is provided by my employer that I can catch up on some bills, save some money, and get some more of my RN degree done (or completed) by the time I can move... My only issue is narrowing where i want to move to after here..

    The other issue is whether to get my LPN license in another province before I actually get a job or move there then apply for my license (i know that i won't have to do any more upgrading.. I have a 2 yr diploma in Ontario)... I am hoping that my experience up here will be a positive aspect on my resume... However, I don't think i would be considered for a job since i don't have my license already for that province and it does take a bit to get all the paperwork, references, etc done even though it would be accepted... ( i still think since we write a canadian exam we should be allowed to get a license iin any province without having to jump through hoops)

    So anyone ever in my same position... get the license before or after? (i am thinking after).. anyone love northern nursing etc... lol.. its 1am so i think i am rambling and trying to figure it out..
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  3. by   joanna73
    Many people get a job offer from the Province they want to work in, then obtain the license. This is the smartest way to do it, since paying for a license then looking for work can be costly. I moved from ON to AB this way. I had the offer and applied for the license. You can get a temporary license usually within 4 to 5 weeks if your employer doesn't want to wait for your start date for the average three months that it takes sometimes. I still maintain my ON license, although I have no intention of returning. I may keep it one more year just in case, then downgrade to the associate member.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Are you doing your bridge through Athabasca? If that's the case you do need to obtain and maintain an AB License, it's a condition of acceptance into the degree programme.
  5. by   Trishrpn80
    HI FIona,

    Yes i will be doing my bridge through athabasca at this point. I am actually interested in going to Nunavut and doing my degree through Artic College. I forgot to call and speak with the registrar there today.. I am still working on cluster a courses for athabasca... turns out some of the old courses I took through a school in ontario will only cover my electives.