NOC 3151 head nurses and supervisors

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    noc 3152 capped...can I apply to noc 3151 class (I am currently a headnurse)? or are 3151 and 3152 the same?

    replies are greatly appreciated

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    Can't see NOC 3151 or 3152 I see RN under 3012 and head nurse under 3011
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    Found 3152 but can not find description for 3151 on CIC website or NOC
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    You need to prove you are working in the capasity of the NOC description and that you have the relevant experience to back it up. They will ask for references
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    my mistake...its 3011..any thoughts about this silver dragon?
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    Even if you can apply for NOC 3011, it isn't in the priority list for Federal Skilled Worker class in Canada. Wait for the NOC 3152 to open up in July and then apply for that. Even if you are a head nurse in your country, you'd still start as a staff nurse in Canada without a license to practice.
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    I agree. If you look at the NOC that is on the skilled list 3011 isn't on it. If you can get a job offer or Arranged employment you should be able to apply for FSW2 which you can apply for even if the cap is closed. Otherwise wait until June/July and see if the RN is on the list. This gives you a bit of time to get everything together to send to Sydney NS
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    tnx for the inputs - yoopian and silverdragon

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