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Hello everyone, I have decided that I want to get into Nursing. I need someone to explain what is the difference between Practical Nurse, RPN, Registered Nurse, NP , also BScN .. ??? Do i have to have BScN to be a Nurse? ... Read More

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    Hey SM1031, I actually thinking about doing the ACE program at Durham College too. How was it? and how long did it take you? I basically need all the prereqs: Bio, Chem, Math and English. I know DC has a 22 week pre-health program that starts in february...what did you end up doing?

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    Hi Medica,

    I actually dropped the ACE and applied for general arts and science health preparation and have started this fall. I found that the ACE, there wasn't much teaching. It's a kind of teach yourself and if you have a question, ask. So I did some research ( a lot on here!) and went for the GASH instead which I find much better so far! I have met some PN students in my psyc class that did the ACE route, but it just wasnt for me.

    Good luck with what you decide!
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    Hi thanks for your reply, I went and talked with Durham admissions and they suggested I take GAS-Health Prep. So i will be starting it this January, a semester behind you lol.

    I also asked if I will be able to apply for Sept 2012 entry and they said yes, that they will look at my midterm marks...they just have to be reallly high. I haven't done Bio and Chem since 1997 eeeek!

    Also how are you finding the GAS-health program so far? I wish I would have applied to it sooner but I only figured out what i wanted to do recently.

    Save your books, if you will be selling them next semester!
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    Hi Medica,

    Thats great you will be taking the gash program. I am a little stresses out but that because I am trying to balance school, work and just life. I know that getting great marks are really important so my stress is from that for the most part. But overall, its just your basics, math, bio, chem and so on. You have the option to take an elective (Im taking psyc) but there are tons of student who skipped it to focus on the pre reqs to get in.

    Good luck and keep in touch!

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