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  1. hi.. Id just like to know if its true that nclex-rn exam in manila is booked till april? thanks.
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    Quote from bibet
    hi.. Id just like to know if its true that nclex-rn exam in manila is booked till april? thanks.
    iT IS BEST to check the pearsonvue website regularly as some of the slot might become available due to cancellation/rescheduling. Philippine test center is very new plus the very large number of Philippine nurses who want to take nclex as the 1st step of their american dream, I will not be surprised if the site will be fully booked until Dec 2008!!:spin:
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    The best way to check is register and try to schedule as long as you have received the OK to sit exam. There are a few threads in the Philippine forum regarding scheduling in the Philippines. Even if full keep checking as there are usually cancellations, something similar happened with HK and many got slots due to cancellations and keep checking schedule several times a day
  5. by   WAstateRN
    thats a bummer...full until next year of april...probably no one wants to reschedule
  6. by   peps14
    manila testing center can seat 90 examinees. that is quite a number compared to HK which can only sit 30 examiness. everyday, some candidates re-schedule their exam date. especially when the date is getting closer. what i did, i paid to get my ATT, reviewed real hard, then when i was ready to take the exam in 2-3 weeks, i paid the sitting fee. and i got the date i wanted. usually, when u check the dates u really like, sometimes, its all booked. its better to check it everyday. even twice or 3x a day. those examinees often change their mind a lot, u know. eventually, you will have a date u wanted. trust me, u can have a schedule here in the philippines without worrying much about scheduling.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Moving this to the International forum as more pertaining to scheduling rather than study for the NCLEX
  8. by   wemon211
    I think the slots are opening up more now especially since there is a scheduled test everyday. You can check the website and type in the center to check the openings.