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    Hi Nurses! I'm new here and I just want to ask you for help.. I am planning to take NCLEX early this year in the state of PENNSYLVANIA (Btw, i'm here @ the philippines)..

    Next week I will be having my STEP 1 which includes:
    -filling up of forms
    -sending the forms together with my transcript to the Pennsylvania BON
    -payments etc.

    Can you help me with those by answering my queries: especially to those who had experience applying to pennsylvania BON. you will be a LOT of help, and i will really appreciate it!

    1. Considering that iím an out of state graduate, what are the fields to be filled out? Pls refer to the site of Pennsylvania for the application form..
    2. Do I need to request for accommodation? (I think NOT, but to be sure)
    3. What are the modes of payment?? How will I send it? Will I send it together with my application form???
    4. How long is the processing/evaluation of my forms and transcripts??

    For those who have time please do answer. Itíll be a LOT of help in me, I donít know where to start...Thanks in advance! GODBLESS!
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    Moved to the International forum

    Accomodation is only for people with diabilites that need assistance etc.

    If trained outside the US then it appears you have to contact the BON and they will send application form to you
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    Thank you so much!
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    Hello! I'm a Filipina RN seeking to obtain licensure in Pennsylvania as well.

    I'd like to ask if you've already taken the CGFNS/CP exam? The CP certificate is required from the PA BON for all international nurses. Just giving you the heads up since it took me months to finish this process.