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    Hello everyone!
    I am currently looking for any helpful information on how to transfer from nursing here in Montreal, Quebec to Alberta, more specifically, Edmonton. I am currently a French educated RN even though my spoken and written English is excellent. My fiance is relocating to Edmonton soon and I am joining him in a few months until I get everything taken care of. Also, the problem is, from what I've read, Quebec is the only province that will give me the title of RN without having gone to university to get my bachelor degree ( I have my college degree, or CEGEP if you prefer ). If I understood this properly, in Edmonton I will be a Licensed Practical Nurse instead ( LPN) which is the equivalent of an auxiliary nurse here in Montreal. Which means the income will pretty much be the same as what I'm making here in Quebec, with the same maximum after having done all the steps BUT my duties and responsibilities will not be the same and I will have less "independence" for lack of a better word. Not to mention that whereas I now work in a very important intensive care unit, auxiliary nurses cannot do so, and from what I can see, LPNs in other provinces can't either. Actually, I've noticed that a lot of departments are off limits...
    This is adding a whole new level of stress to a situation that's already maxed out on it here. I would greatly appreciate any help on the procedures to start and especially any information on those provincial differences and as soon as possible would be even more appreciated seeing as how this is a very important life and career making decision for the both of us.
    Thank you in advance to anyone who took the time to read this and answer

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    I think perhaps you're confusing apples with oranges. There has always been a 'grandfather' clause for nurses who have been registered in other Canadian provinces that is not extended to nurses educated outside of Canada. The requirement for a BScN is for 'entry to practice' in Canada, and you're not entering practice, you're just moving it from one province to another. I won't promise that it'll be easy and straightforward, but there shouldn't be any insurmountable roadblocks for you to register with CARNA, after you give them a large sum of your hard-earned money.
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    Thank you for your answers..yes I have checked the CARNA site and that's actually where I read what is greatly confusing me now
    and because of that, I have found other sources like:
    which all pretty much says I need a university degree to practice as an RN in other provinces than Quebec.
    Thanks again to anyone who can help me clear this up.
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    I can see that you're terribly confused. But let's get one thing out of the way right at the start... Last time I checked, Quebec is still part of Canada. The information you've included in your post is intended for nurses educated outside of Canada, where the content and structure of nursing education may be very different from Canada's. The link that Silverdragon102 provided for you is directed at nurses whose education was obtained in Canada, as yours was, and who are already practicing as a registered nurse in Canada, as you are. All Canadian jurisdictions ahve very similar expectations of their nursing schools and all are pretty much interchangeable when it comes to registration exams. And as I said, for people who are already practicing as registered nurses in other provinces in Canada the process is much simpler. You fill out the application, send them the money to process it, they look at it and tell you if they need more documentation. Once they've got all the paper they want, they either tell you what else you need to do to meet requirements or they register you. OIIQ will charge you a verification fee for their documentation, but they should be the only ones who want money for verification. Before you get yourself convinced that you're not going to meet requirements, submit your application and see what happens. My guess is you'll be just fine and CARNA will issue you with registration. But don't wait, do it soon!
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    I was a new grad, but I moved from ON to AB with no problem. It takes about 3 months for all the paperwork, but since you are already a working nurse, they would most likely just "grandfather" you, as Janfrn said. As long as the paperwork is filled out correctly and you pay them, it should work out.
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    Janfrn, you're right! I am terribly confused which is why I am reading things over and over again...maybe it's the wording in english that's confusing me...I don't know. However, I have left messages with CARNA and am currently awaiting responses.

    From their official site, I can read: "1125 hours of RN practice within the past five years or successful completion of a degree or nursing program satisfactory to the Registrar or successful completion of a nursing refresher program satisfactory to CARNA Provincial Council" as one of the requirements. Now the number of hours is not a problem. BUT, the satisfactory degree might because that same site ALSO says: "As of Jan. 1, 2010, a baccalaureate degree in nursing will be the minimum educational requirement for initial registration as a registered nurse in Alberta."
    This is where my confusion lies and I thought that specifying it might help you figure out whether it's founded or like I said, maybe just caused by the wording.

    Joanna73, thank you for your input. However, like I said in the original thread, from what I've read, the fact that I've studied in Quebec, and that Quebec is apparently the only province that recognizes an RN without a bachelor degree is what's causing my problem. Which would mean that there should be no problem between all the other English provinces, like in your case seeing as how you went from ON to AB.
    Now I have read so many articles and websites regarding this and so many other issues that I would greatly appreciate a simple explanation of what "grandfathering" is. Thank you for giving me an estimate when it comes to the time it'll take for the paperwork to go through as well.
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    Not everyone has a Bachelor's Degree in Canada...anywhere in Canada. The BSN has only become mandatory with various Provinces within the last 5-6 years, which applies to new nurses. If you have been nursing for a period of time (more than a few years) the Colleges usually waive the BSN requirement. You won't require it. This is what it means when we speak of experienced RNs being "granfathered".
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    Ok now that I see you have been working for 3 years, that may change things. I don't know. I would contact CARNA direct. Just call them. They were very helpful to me.
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    This is what I figured the grandfathering was. Considering I graduated before January of 2010, I'm hoping they'll wave that requirement for me..but like you said, it might not be enough time and experience.
    I'm still waiting on replies and information from CARNA but I was told it would be sometime in the next couple of weeks only..which is why I was trying my luck with this site, to see if I could be reassured a little bit in the mean time. I just really do not want to go from an RN in my province to a LPN in another one where the duties and opportunities are therefor not as various as what I have here.
    But thank you once more for your help

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