Moving to Ireland to work as a nurse

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    I am interested in moving to Ireland to work as a nurse. Anyone have any insight on this? Are there jobs available for nurses at all? I know the countrywide unemployment is over 14%, but not sure how the prospects are for nurses in general and how much difficulty a foreign worker would have in finding employment. Is it worth my seeking registration with the Irish nursing board?

    In case it's relevant, I was educated in the US but I have dual citizenship (US and EU/Italian). I have worked for nearly a year on a mental health unit and it would be over a year by the time I would move.

    I started a new thread because there weren't any recent posts on this topic. Any help would be great!
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    Poor prospects in the health care system. Mental health nursing is a different degree to general adult nursing in Ireland so I don't know how you would go with getting registered with ABA. You could always investigate.
    The website for jobs in the public health system is it shows all available job in the Republic in the public hospitals which is where most patients are. You could try googling private psych hospitals and emailing them individually.

    Best of luck.
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    I read an article not that long ago about the trouble new graudates are having in Ireland about finding nursing work. I had considered moving to the UK a while ago as a nurse but I decided against it since the economy is doing so poorly overseas. I am a British citizen (Canadian born to Scottish parents.. entitled to move anywhere in the EU with my British passport), however, you'll need to take a conversion course since medications and practice are different. A girlfriend of mine moved over to the UK and she had to take a conversion course before she was allowed to practice as an RN.
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    Fleetfox I hope you are aware that Ireland is NOT part of the UK. It is a mistake that a lot of people make on your side of the pond. We have been a separate country since 1937. While we do have special ties and reciprocal agreements UK and the Republic of Ireland are 2 separate entities
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    Thank you for your responses! I am attempting to apply for license as both a general and psychiatric nurse so maybe that would make things easier. I am also planning to visit for a couple weeks in September so maybe I can schedule to meet with some managers. I'll post updates as I have them in case anyone else is considering a similar move.

    Yeah, I think a lot of people here do think Ireland is part of the UK, not just Northern Ireland but I think since they're all part of the EU the immigration rules are the same to both and just the licensing protocols differ, right? I haven't heard about a conversion course in Ireland but I know that before they license some people they allow them an "adaptation period," though my understanding was it was mostly for non-native English speakers. I may be way off on some of my information though. I'll soon find out, though!

    Thanks again!
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    I, too, would like to know the possibility of moving to Ireland from the US to work as a nurse. I am just wondering if it's worth it to try and register with the Irish Nursing Board with the unemployment so high, but I wonder if it would be easier to get a job as a nurse rather than some other profession.

    Any insight would be helpful!
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    Well if you look at it will show you all the jobs that are available in the public healthcare system in the Republic of Ireland which is 90% of people are treated. If you look at it will show you a jobs in the private hospitals and LOADS of nursing home (aged care) jobs. I would love to go home but there is not the work I want.
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    Thanks for the info. I wonder why there are so many nursing home positions open and if that would be easier to obtain a position in rather than a hospital? I checked out the link and there are only a few nursing jobs in the hospital it seems.
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    Mostly because nursing homes are hard work and very little chance for career progression. Problably easier but you will need a work visa so problaby email the companies that are offering the jobs to see if they will sponsor you.

    the reason there are so few jobs in the hospitals is that there is an embargo on replacing staff because the health service is so over budget.

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