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    I know that LPN's in Alberta are able to hang IV meds. I was just wondering if this is a general expectation of every LPN licensed in Alberta or are you required to first have the IV med course( like the one I see Bow Valley College has). I have just got my Alberta LPN license for when I move in May but we don't hang IV meds in BC so I am a little worried...
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  3. by   Fiona59
    IV medication is a basic skill here. It's part of the course work.

    Reconstitution and administration. Now here's where it can get tricky. We are not allowed to pierce travisol or blood products, nor are we "permitted" to hang them. Since they are both two nurse signatures you will see how we get around it if you're hired in acute care. We're not permitted to hang chemo meds either. But most floor RNs can't either until they complete the AHS chemo course.

    It's a basic skill and we do it all the time. IV meds aren't seen in LTC and used to be rare in sub-acute units. Having said that, who knows what the cost cutting overlords are permitting these days.

    I've heard that PICCs will be within our scope by the end of the year. The education on these will be hospital based.
  4. by   mLPN79
    Wherever you work, they will have you take the Infusion Therapy course through regional education before you hang anything.If you haven't used the skill and lack the knowledge it will be mandatory for you to complete it. I don't believe you will need to complete the course through Bow valley unless you didn't have IV therapy as a course and pharmacology is a must as well.
  5. by   lilaclover
    Hmmm Maybe I will look into taking the IV medication administration course through bow valley college when I arrive in Calgary.

    IV infusion was a part of my program however here in BC we can only hang IV fluids , no medications.

    I do prefer working in LTC, rehab, or subacute units anyway but I still want to be up to date with the rest of the province skill wise.

    Thanks for the info ladies