is it possible to pass crne exam staying in india

  1. hi all...
    im a newbie 2 this site and i ve gone through many threads of my interest.. gr8 job

    im a rn(bsc) frm india, ve 1 yr 4 month experience from neuro ICU.. im planning to do my masters (2 year)..but at same time, im thinking to finish rn procedures in canada so that by the time i finish masters, i can work in canada..

    my ielts score is 8. and i received application package from CNO.can any tell me the exact procedure i should move from this point.. is it possible to book for crne after getting decision letter from ontario and is it possible 2 come and write exam taking a visiting visa or tourist visa?im pretty good at studies and i ve confidence that i can clear crne... is it mandatory that i should b staying in canada to write the exam??????????

    plz reply.. im not approaching any i BADLY BADLY BADLY in need of some advice..
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    Yes you can go through the procedure whilst outside Canada and even sit the CRNE on a tourist visa the issues are getting a tourist visa allowing you to come to Canada. You will need to make enough proof that you will return home

    Also can I please ask that you do not use text talk etc as documentation is expected to be clear and the terms of service of the site also asks that text talk is not used as not everyone understands it
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    buttercup06, there are many threads that answer your questions quite clearly. You can do a Google search for "IEN CRNE" and have so much to read that you'll still be sitting here tomorrow.