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    I'm new here.. So I hope I'm doing this right. I am an almost qualified mental health nurse. I am currently doing my 9 month internship and I would love to work in Canada once I graduate I was just wondering does Canada recognize an Irish 4 year degree, in our training we have done about 15-17 months work experience in elderly mental health, Intellectual disability, acute admissions unit and community based work, however, I have no experience working as a registered nurse, is that a requirement . Also, where would you recommend to go in Canada? And what are the wages like in Canada?

    Thank you
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If you go to the Canadian forum and click on frequently asked questions you will see a sticky with provincial wages. As a RMN you are limited to about 5 provinces and depending on route you plan on moving to Canada with will depend whether you need experience or not. Unless your transcript show clinical and theory hours in pediatrics Gen. adult and obstetrics as well as the mental health you will not be able to work as a registered nurse in Canada. Canadian nursing is general trained unlike the UK which is specialized.

    Once you decide which province you wish to go to you will need to go to the provincial College of registered nurses and check their requirements for international educated nurse. As an RMN there is a separate body that assesses just for the RMN, either way you will need to sit the Canadian exam whether it be for registered nurse or mental health.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Silverdragon, what you've posted in incorrect. I've worked with Registered Psychiatric Nurses in Long Term Care and in Women's Health. The RPNs were working as floor RNs. They attended the same orientation as all new employees.

    The training is very similar to that of RNs but their emphasis on the mental health of the patient. Here is a link for the Alberta provincial college. RPNs have their own provincial college and do not use the same regulatory body as RNs.

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  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Are these RPN that come from another country? RMN training in the UK and Ireland is very different to Canadian training
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    Hi I'm just wondering did you find work as a mental health nurse in Canada? I'm irish and also looking for work with no jou
    thanks a mill