Info regarding International travel nursing (temporary/short term positions)

  1. Hello! I am new to this site and unsure which forum would be best for this subject, so please feel free to move it if recommended I am an American citizen and schooled BSN pediatric nurse with over 7 years of experience. I wish to try to travel internationally for ~6 mo assignment.... Preferably to Australia or Ireland, maybe UK or Germany.I am also in the DOD/government system as a GS/civilian employer, so may have opportunities to transfer within my current job to other military hospitals internationally? The reason I am trying for a 6 mos assignment is because that is the longest I can try for a leave of absence from current position, hopefully ensuring I still have job security when I come back.It seems like this overall process will take tons of research, out of pocket money, and time so I'm not disillusioned in a quick fix. I would appreciate any experience, helpful hints, and resources to get and keep me on the right track.Thanks in advance!~Becky
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    moved to international nursing forum in our World Nursing section. If you work in a non-US government facility you will need to have your credentials assessed for licensure in the country you wish to visit/work in. Each country has its own regulations regarding holiday work visas/temporary work visas and required credentials for registered nurses.