If you passed CA Nclex-RN does it mean that you are now a registered nurse in CA?

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    I passed NCLEX_RN in CA last 2009. My question is If you passed CA Nclex-RN does it mean that you are now a registered nurse in CA? and if you passed would they give you a license number right away? thanks

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    I think once you provide the CA BON of your valid SSN, then you're truly registered.
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    Hi STEPPYBAY! thanks for the reply.. did you mean that if you cannot provide SSN they will not also give you a license number? Because I'm planning to endorse my NCLEX in Texas and i think a license number is required.. Thanks
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    Cali BON will only issue a license number and card if you have a valid SSN.You are a registered nurse but since you cannot comply with a valid SSN within the timeframe the board gave to you,your file will be destroyed but they'll keep your exam result.
    With regards of endorsement,some states require a valid SSN and a license number.
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    Yeah steppybay is right,my bad.Sorry.You met the minimum requirement for the state licensure but you're not registered as a nurse until you provide a valid SSN.
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    thanks DRAGON_LADY! could you please give me more advice. My case is like this. i passed the CA NCLEX-RN last May 2009 but i was not able to provide them SSN. Which mean i will not be able to get a license number also as you mentioned. Do you also mean that I'm not eligible to endorse my NCLEX in Texas. Because i know someone with the same case with me who already endorsed his NCLEX in Texas. but i cannot contact him anymore to ask some more advise. .. I'm also confused with the Texas board of Nursing Verification Of Registered NUrse licensure form. here's the link http://www.bon.texas.gov/olv/pdfs/rn-verif.pdf particularly PART II and Part III.. im confused who's going to fill out that.. If the Licensing Board of my country (PHILIPPINES)? or the CA BON where i passed the NCLEX. thanks in advance..
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    You have no license to endorse, generally you have to apply for license by application and arrange with CA to forward NCLEX result to the new state who will issue a license as long as a US SSN isn't required and we are seeing more states saying this is a federal requirements

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