I need help. My licensure application to California just expired..

  1. HI! I am an NCLEX passer (from the Philippines and I am still waiting for my I-140 to get approved) since May 13,2008. The California Board of Nursing hasn't given my license since I don't have my SSN yet.. Its June 19,2011 and I failed to have my license application renewed. I do want to apply in the state of Vermont, because I heard that they actually give license even without SSN. Do I still need to retake the NCLEX exam for me to get a license at Vermont? Is it possible for me to ask CABON to forward my NCLEX test result to Vermont and request for Vermont to issue me a license, instead? Thanks very much!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You can apply to Vermont but you will need to meet their requirements as well as pay CA to forward your NCLEX results
  4. by   frustrated_USRN
    thanks silverdragon..

    I read a couple of thread regarding the same situation.

    I downloaded the forms already for the NCLEX pass endorsement to Vermont
    There is that part there at the end of the application form about the CES Report. There are options IERF and CGFNS. Which box should I check? I don't have CGFNS yet. What is the IERF for? Thanks..

    As much as I understand here are the things that I need to be doing to get a license to Vermont

    1. Fill up the application form
    2. obtain a $150 bank draft
    3. PRC LIcense Verification
    4. Submit a request for copy test result from CABON

    5. What are School requirements that I need to gather?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    IERF is another service that is accepted by the BON to evaluate your school transcripts to see if your nurse training matches theirs
  6. by   frustrated_USRN
    thanks so much silverdragon..

    Do I need to check IERF? even if I have already taken the NCLEX exam and was just requesting for a transfer of result from cali to VT?

    Do I need to submit certified true copy of my TOR and RLE?
    Do I also need to submit my highschool diploma?

  7. by   frustrated_USRN
    Aside from my license (certified true copy from PRC)
    Do I still need to enclose with my application my
    high school diploma
    and TOR?

    I just want to make sure because it wasn't included in the NCLEX application form to VT.. Thanks again..
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    You do not send your education documents to Vermont, if you go for CES then you just follow instructions on the CGFNS website but generally everything is supposed to go direct from organisation like your nursing school and PRC. As it states on Vermont website follow instructions as set out on CGFNS website for Vermont specific CES

  9. by   frustrated_USRN
    thanks silverdragon for your big help!!

    So that means.. for me to be able to get my license in vermont I just need to submit:

    1. my application form
    2. 150 USD
    3. PRC license photo copied and certified true copy
    4. Ca pass letter

    But I do need to go to my University where I graduated so they can forward my other requirements such as my TOR and RLE?
    Also PRC needs to send them my Verification of LIcense
    Also a letter from the institution where I used to work in

    Unless all these requirements are received by VT BON, then that's the time they will get to process my license?
    Will they mail me the license?
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    You still need to do CGFNS (CES) or IERF and have results sent to Vermont and that is done separate to Vermont application. Once you have met requirements Vermont will I believe post your license to you
  11. by   frustrated_USRN
    Ho do I apply for IERF? what are the requirements? If you happen to know the link for IERF, can you kindly send it to me? I can't seem to find it on google.

    Aww.. thanks silverdragon.. I owe you a lotttt^^

  12. by   frustrated_USRN
    just to clarify things.. My NCLEX result has expired last month..
    Are my NCLEX results still valid..?
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    The BON website has the information just check it out
  14. by   frustrated_USRN
    i got it.. I think I really need CES for VT license.. CGFNS has given much vivid instructions.. SO I'll give it a go.. Thanks silverdragon.. such a big help!!!
    More power!!