How to Qualify as a Student Nurse in British Columbia? - page 2

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hello everyone! just call me jhon, i'm 35 years old and still single. i passed my nursing registration in the Philippines last 1997. i never practiced nursing very much because of the low salary offered in the hospitals in my... Read More

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    h, I didn't know that. A coworkers cousin tried to apply after she was done school in Canada and they made her go back home (India) and apply from there.
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    Thanks for your information and clarification on this matter, I really wanted to pursue my nursing career eventhough it's been a while for me since I practiced it, but in the right place and time.

    I'm willing to study for a year or two just to fulfill my RN requirements and pass CRNE. I will find a job offer and work to maintain my stay there while waiting for the visa process.
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