How do I find a nursing college or Uni or work in Canada, UK, Aus or NZ?

  1. 0 Im going to graduate in end of this year With BSN. I'm living in Sri lanka. I would like to do my further education and work as nurse in Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand.
    Here nurses who graduated from Unis are still not appointed to government sector.And its take few years to get license. Please anyone can help me to find me an option regarding in this case. thank you
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    For registering with the countries you mention they all require work experience from months to couple of years. Also process registering as a RN is long and drawn out with no guarantee of work. For the UK job must be on the UK shortage occupation list and employer prove they can not employ from the UK or EU. Canada has different options for working and permanent residency so you need to check out the CIC website.

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