HOW do i ever get a job?

  1. Hi everyone ,
    After months of paperwork , payments and triple checking by the CNO I finally was given "go ahead" to sit CRNE . I did this and passed in October !! really proud , however now cant get a job anywhere!!
    I am applying from the UK , which makes me an IEN , however I have over 20 years experience in emergency and childrens nursing , I have applied via HFO and to hospitals directly , I have even followed up with phone calls to HR .
    Is there a magic word I should be putting in my resume or cover letter,? or is it just that I am applying from outside of Canada?
    Any insight , thoughts would be welcome
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Most likely it's because you are an offshore applicant.

    Nurses across Canada have had difficulty finding employment. Something to remember is just because a job is posted doesn't mean it will be filled.

    The days of finding an employer to bring you to Canada are gone. Relocation money is a thing of the past.

    Where in Ontario were you planning on settling? Many posters from Ontario have reported that it's very difficult to find work and they live there.
  4. by   snowhugs
    have applied to Ottawa and outskirts , even smaller communities where nobody else wants to go! am happy to start anywhere, but a little too nervous to bring the entire family over (husband and 2 kids ) without a job offer.

    I thought it may be the case, applying from the UK is not doing me any good, , fingers crossed things will pick up ,I do state in my cover letter that I am happy to cover all my own relocation expenses.......

    Well if you can think of anything that may help please share, I will be happy with any area, any type and speak french fluently!
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Ontario is a very difficult place to find work in due to its popularity with immigrants, if for no other reason. Have you been including the information about being bilingual in your resume? That might attract some positive attention.
  6. by   snowhugs
    yes I have... time will tell, will just keep putting myself out there and hope times will change, its so sad to fall at the final hurdle , I have worked so hard to get this close to my dream !!
  7. by   dishes
    I think your chances of being offered a job in the current economic climate are slim because according to CNO, Ontario has over 3,000 newly registered nurses each year
    New jobs are not being created and although some RN vacancies are available, these vacancies are usually filled by experienced Ontario nurses first, new grads second and IENs with permanent residency third, if a job vacancy has been posted repeatedly and the employer did not receive any qualified Ontario applications, then the employer may consider recruiting off shore.
  8. by   KasiaStudentNurse
    I live in ottawa, an I know that the Ottawa Hospital is in need of many RN's.
    Have you checked this site out? I have a few friends who work at the Ottawa Hospital network and many of them have told me that sometimes they keep your resume on file for six months... I really hope this helps! apply to all the RN positions.
  9. by   Fiona59

    These days an employer isn't going to hire you from abroad if you're not committed enough to make the move here.

    They don't really see you as having ties to the country.

    I remember having neighbours that had the husband arrive first to find work and the wife and kids didn't arrive for three to four years. I think the separation would have been horrible.

    My parents came to Canada from the UK in the '60s when Canada was recruiting tradesmen. They sold up and moved. That was back when there were currency restrictions on how much you could take out of the UK. They moved to western Canada where they had no contacts and no job. The first year was rough. I remember my Dad looking for work daily (and he was told his skills were in demand but no Canadian experience) he eventually found work. My Mum's work credentials weren't recognized here and she stayed home because there was no childcare available. When she did go back to work it wasn't in her field at all. Us kids, we went to to school and assimilated.

    It was rough but that's how it was/is. If you are committed to changing your lifestyle and living arrangements, sometimes you have to take the uncomfortable steps.

    But you also have to realize that our healthcare is in as big a mess as the NHS. Peference will always be given to local nurses.
  10. by   joanna73
    Yes, especially if you are thinking of settling in ON. There are far too many experienced nurses there already who are underemployed or unemployed.

    To be perfectly honest, the only way that an IEN might have some luck anywhere in Canada these days is in the rural areas. Places where the majority of people do not choose to live. Any urban area can and will take their pick of the locals first.