how do i apply for nclex-rn new york??

  1. can anyone help me please??
    i have no clue on the requirements needed to apply for an nclex-rn in new york..
    i do not also know how to apply..
    do anyone have a guide on how to apply for an nclex??
    i graduated and pass the NLE in the phillippines, and now i have an immigrant visa here in new york..
    thanks in advance..may you prosper all
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    You are not applying for NCLEX but to be a license RN in the US. NCLEX is just a part of that process.

    You need to complete CVS with CGFNS and wait for them to do the running around obtaining documents and then apply to NY BON once CVS is roughly ready. Takes between 6-8 months to get eligibility to sit NCLEX

    Much has been written about NY in here just have a good read
  4. by   ayuntalo
    I have been browsing a bit but still I am confused so I decided
    to create a thread pertaining to what I wanna know.. thanks for the kind reply
  5. by   Ginger's Mom
    You need to go to the New York Board of Nursing and follow the directions for international graduates.