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    Can a nurse who is HIV positive be granted immigrant visa to work as a nurse in USA? What  Should a nurse do to be able to be granted visa? If he is in medication , what shall he do? Can the employer cancel the employment to the extent of denial of the visa if the nurse is found to be HIV positive?
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    Moved to the international forumHIV I believe is one that is checked for on the medical and may cause denial of visa
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    An HIV test, in addition to a TB test WERE part of the healthcare screening requirements prior to approval of an immigrant visa. However, the president lifted the ban preventing HIV+ individuals from entering as immigrants to the US in January 2010.

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    erased due to duplicate post
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    Thanks for the update
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    Thanx for the responses. By the way, how can this be moved to the internationally forum? Just new in the site and i still am orienting myself.
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    I have already moved it
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    Hi, we have the same condition...can we contact each other? I am also a filipino and will work in illinois too...hope i can hear from you...
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    Hi TS, any news on what happened? Were you able to work in the USA? We're actually in the same situation.