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guys! i'm new here! Pls. help. anyone here under GLOBAL HEALTHCARE GROUP LLC? I just want feedback. Just signed with them and I'm weighing my options. Pls... all replies are welcome. I'd really... Read More

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    Quote from Hoss
    It appears they are a recruiter (head hunter) that cater to Pharmacists and Physical Therapists. In the 10 pages of jobs located on the web, not ONE nursing job was posted. They seem to focus on H 1B visas which do NOT apply to graduate nurses.
    Jobs Salary at Global Healthcare Group, Llc, Real Starting, Average Salary, ranked by Salary, page 10

    It also appears from articles on the web that the founder Dnyanoba Kendra is an Indian immigrant who started out recruiting Indian computer programmers under H 1B type visas.

    As you know, to qualify for these visas a prospective employer must certify there are no qualified Americans to fill the job. That is hardly the case for nurses!!

    In summary, to take advantage you will have to get a BS in Phys. Therapy or Pharm D degree to even remotely have a chance at getting a visa.

    If you are seriously contemplating this recruiter, then simply ask them to provide you with references of Filipino nurses that have been placed in RN jobs in the USA. NEVER send money or sign any contracts until you have done your research!! Ask to get at least three names of Filipino nurses so you can contact them for reference purposes that hired the firm and received working visas as Registered Nurses (Not caregivers or LPN or any less qualified work permits).

    As President Regan practiced: "Trust, but VERIFY"


    Thank you so much....I am not submitting any documents because they wanted me to pay 2000 US dollars if i'm going to submit my documents.... .I am simply gross with them because they are forcing me to submit my documents and when i don't want to do it they started to say nasty words about me and also to my countrymen....It's so shocking.

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    please beware of this company called global healthcare usa as opposed to global healthcare llc.

    you will receive several emails from global healthcare usa from a yahoo or account asking you to submit credentials and fill out forms making their offer sound legitimate. but will also demand a deposit of $2000. the letter is signed by john davis.

    i have called the number on the email. while waiting for it to connect, it seemed like it was being call forwarded because of the long pause before the ring. the man on the other line merely said "hello" without introducing the company name (like the usual practice) and didn't even introduce himself. he proceeded to demand the deposit money to be paid as instructed on the email. it got me really suspicious because he didn't even ask to identify myself. i only got tell him i got their email. when i told them that i want to hand-deliver the payment myself - he hang up on me.

    when i tried to search for their office address on google maps, the satellite marker landed in the middle of the intersection in chicago. a few hours later, i got another email asking me to send the money.

    to play safe, i sent them an email respectfully removing them from their database.

    "i will no longer need your services since i have found another agency to assist me in placing employment in the united states. please remove me from your database. and thank you very much for your time."

    and the following is how they retaliate, displaying really unprofessional and suspicious behavior.

    from: global healthcare usa
    date: wednesday, june 23, 2010, 1:21 pm

    [color=#333333][font=century] [font=bookman old style]it is very surprising and unprofessional attitude??? we did not offer you job in first instance but you are the one who applied for the job whereas we are not short of applicants and there are many out there like you licking our feet for the job. you people do not get jobs in your own country and more than half of the total nurses in your country are doing volunteer jobs without pay. you are talking like queen rania of jordan or as you have been at par with late lady diana... you are not even qualified for the rn job until you get your nclex-rn passed and clear all other eligibility requirements for a rn job. you just try any other hospital/employer and let us know if you get a rn visa to united states for another three/four years at least due to retrogression, and we will meet & greet you at the airport, if and when you happen to come to united states.

    from: global healthcare usa
    date: friday, july 2, 2010, 11:03 pm

    [font=sans-serif]do you realize your mistake of having caused us huge amount of time, money and resources for getting you approved for this job and visa process and for the limited permit and do you remember how many times you have sent us reminders and request for a job offer and now when everything is completed and we approved you for this job, you have backed out with lame excuse... why you people are doing so??? do you have self respect and value of firm commitment once established...??? now let us know what is your actual problem and is there any financial problem that keeps you upset and that you have gone unprofessional and dishonest??? let us know reality so we can help you...

    from: global healthcare usa
    sent: thursday, july 22, 2010 0:52:45

    after giving you so much time and opportunities, we have now cancelled your job process and you will not be considered for any job in the future. now if in the five years at least you can get a job then let us know so we meet & greet you at the airport... having no license to work in united states and not been able to find any job since last three years, now you saying you find a job, when we asked you to pay financial commitment... you nurses do not find job in your country and half of your nurses doing volunteer jobs and you are saying you find a job in united states...ha ha ha,,, funny applicant...

    from: global healthcare usa
    sent: friday, july 23, 2010 10:33:30

    [font=sans-serif]licking our feet for a job for over four years and you are trying to prove like a king of jordan or any other arab world or don of some mafia group... i am highly professional and duly certified hospital administrator and i don't need your certification... just a staff nurse and that too in a rotten society and corrupt country like philippine and threatening me of illicit designs. i am here in united states at the address you were given and send your bastard one if he/she has guts to do what you claim to do.,rather i have very strong attorneys who can get you in a real trouble in your own country and you will jump up and down to save your skin..just stay away from us and do not try to contact us any further... you man of little brain... period....
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