Foreign Educated Nurse Transfering License from NY to PA

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    I am a foreign educated nurse who had done credentials verification for New York state from CGFNS. I currently hold the license from New York State. I am planning to transfer my license to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the state of Pennsylvania requires me to have the Credentials Evaluation done since I am foreign educated. I had it already done for New York state. So my question is that do I have to do the whole process over in order to get the credentials Evaluation for Pennsylvania from CGFNS? Unfortunately, CGFNS is such a poor organization that does not respond in a timely manner OR does not answer the question efficiently.Anyone here has been through such situation like mine, or anyone you know? If so please let me know how to over come this obstacle.



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    CVS is not the same as CES. CVS is NY requirement getting CGFNS to obtain relevant documentation and then NY makes their own assessment, saying that I think they may be able to use the same documents although I am not 100% certain and yes they can be poorly organised but they are the ones that will make the decision whether to accept stuff already sent or not.

    You will have to complete and pay CES fees for them to evaluate and issue a CES certificate

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    Yes you must do the CES for PA.

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