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Hello... good day.... im a filipino nurse and would like to hear from all those who had undergone the bridging course, please share to us your experience on how you started from there until you... Read More

  1. by   sjbubbles24
    hi sjbubbles(sarah)...i'm interested in applying the bridging program to australia.i have 11 months hospital experience (3 months was as trainee nurse then the rest of the months was as staff nurse in one of the hospitals here in bacolod city.Am concern with so many things.

    1.if i continue my hospital experience here from other new hospital while waiting for the application process,do you think they will add up from my 11 months hospital experience though it's from 2 different local hospital employers?

    2.WHat kind of visa must i apply if i will be granted to have a bridging program or maybe granted to have the Hollywood private hospital course based on my hospital experience?

    3.How much is the "show money'' as my support of fund when i will have the theoretical and clinical practice for the program?How much do you think...maybe an idea hehehe...

    4.Am a little scared about how to have an employer after passing the bridging course.How did you make it by the way? the course difficult?oh my seems am so really interested and keep on asking so many questions,but i hope you will take time to answer my querries...God bless you all...Hope i will make it the way you did...ingats...

    I would also appreciate if other filipino nurses will share their knowledge on my querries...take care everyone
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Would suggest you check this thread out
  3. by   myeahne
    hi. i’m just new here. i'm a registered nurse from the philippines. i graduated two years ago and until now i don’t have a job. i was hoping that somebody can give me the basic information regarding the bridging course and the fast track in going to australia and work as a nurse. i wanted to know how much it would cost me all in all (application fee, visa, course, cost of living, transportation, etc.). also, which is cheaper and better? the consultancy firm that i’ve asked told me that it would cost me around 5 hundred thousand to 1 million pesos, depending on the option i would choose so that i could go to asutralia under the fast track course. so, can you please help me because it is quite a lot of money. what are the requirements for the application? if you could suggest and firm that could help me i would really appreciate it. and if you could give me the step by step procedure of applying and what is the best school for this course. if i would process my papers on my own, would it be difficult for me to find a job? cause that is also my concern, i’m scared that if i would do everything on my own it would be hard for me to find a job and process my papers.
    i would also like to ask the following questions:
    what is it like? the class and the clinical set up?
    what do they mean by they will assess you against australian competencies?
    what kind of skills and competencies are you supposed to show/know/demonstrate?
    advance level? entry level?
    what is the breakdown of the schedule for the said courses?
    is there an exam that i have to pass before i can be registered nurse and work?
    what if i fail the course? what would happen?
    what responsibilities and assignments are usually given to you in the bridging course..particularly in the clinical settings?
    how long does the fast track or bridging course take? and the time from finishing it up to having a job as a nurse.
    what grade in ielts do i need?
    how much is the "show money" needed?

    i can’t think of anymore questions. i would just post it if ever i have some questions. i hope that someone can enlighten me and answer my questions... i apologize if i have many questions...

    thanks in advance... :rcgtku:
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    Quote from myeahne
    Hi. I'm just new here.... I was hoping that somebody can give me the basic information regarding the bridging course and the fast track in going to Australia and work as a nurse.
    welcome to the forum kindly re-check and edit/delete your post here as it's been repeated thrice.
    you may first check out the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board
    for details, especially for overseas qualified nurses / international graduates,
    please visit the respective registration boards of each state/territory
    Western Australia
    New South Wales
    Northern Territory
    South Australia

    and there is a ton of information that can be found in the numerous pages of this thread :spin:
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    thanks... i've been trying to delete it but i don't know how.. im sorry
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    Quote from myeahne
    thanks... i've been trying to delete it but i don't know how.. im sorry
    well, maybe the staff/admin are able to do so. no worries hope you are getting around with the links i've left for you
  7. by   gab08

    I just had my NMBWA approval. I'm now looking for a course provider that i cheap in WA.... I tried the schools that were on the list that the council gave me but, they already had a long list of applicant.

    Can anybody suggest any more course provider in WA.
  8. by   gab08
    Quote from chescarn_phils
    Way to go ijarache your story is very inspiring makes us nurses wants to strive harder to reach our goals.
    I hope I will have the same luck as yours, you see my employer in Australia is sponsoring me and they told me that I will be getting a visa subclass 457 as of now I'm in the process of completing all my requirements but unfortunately things are becoming hard there to process the application all by myself due the recession that has been happening all over the world so what my employer did was they get a migration lawyer who specializes in getting nurses for them to be able to push through with our application. But I already pass every exam that they ask me to get like the IELTS which i got a total bandscore of 7 and the first 3units for the aged care cert3.

    As of now things are working out well for me but I have a problem I have a mild scoliosis and hyperthyroidism both are stable. do you think that could be a hindrance for my application there? Hoping that you will get back to me soon ijarache I really need your opinion about this and what I should do on this matter. thanks and have a good day.:spin:

    i just wanna ask... are working now as an aged care assistant in that australian employer u got? which part in australia is this?
  9. by   maica_angela86
    i i am also interested on the bridging course...i took the nle last nov 2008, i have been connected to the dole nars project or nurses assigned in rural services but its only a 6 month contract now i have been too many tough jobhuntings but i failed so im planning to take more easy way to get a job abroad and i think bridging course is the easiest way,anybody here tell me on how to apply on it?, where to apply? what are the requirements and how mush...thakyou so much and godspeed!!!please email me

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    There is a big discussion here in this thread and I am sure you will find all your answers Newly grad Filipino nurse wanting to work in Australia/New Zealand

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