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    For all of us Canadians not living at home, I recently came across a website from which you can order all your favourite delicacies. mmhmm.
    It is
    They have all kinds of junk food, montreal bagels, and even flour and canned salmon. I found it in Canadian Geographic magazine. Now I don't have to bug family and friends so much.

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    Hey Joybug - I'm in BC. I'll send you a Great Canadian Bagel if you want. How about an Okanagan apple????
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    Serious? How about Sun-Rype Apricot jam? I spent a summer in Chase/Salmon Arm couple years ago and got addicted to it. Most of what I crave is junkfood from Ontario.
    BTW, I loved your poem on apology a while ago, even printed it and took it to work.
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    You want the jam - I send you jam.(if safeway or overwaitea sells it) It's minus 9 tonight - there'll be frost on the apricots.(sounds like a code message doesn't it )hehehehehe. Thanks for compliment on poem
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    You know what I miss? GOOOOOD perogies and Persians. Persians, I think, are only sold in Thunder Bay (correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't seen them anywhere else in Can.), they are huge cinnamon buns with this yummy pink cherry flavoured icing. Live on them when I go for a visit. Miss Tim Horton's coffee (only one or two here and too far away for me to go to). They arelike on every corner back home.
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    Paprikat - where is home for you? If you're in Vancouver there would be lots of Tim Hortons. You are so right about the coffee. I just love it. The perogies, I hear ya! I love the chedder and potato ones. My Ukrainian grandmother used to boil them (I know some fry them) and then toss them with fired onions, bit s of bacon, and then sour cream. They are great with a dill white sauce to. Sauerkraut ones are tasty too. No such thing as a skinny Ukrainian!!!
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    Ah, Sauerkraut perogies, bacon, sour cream. Heaven.
    Leeson, I am now in New West and one of those people who consider their car to be the SkyTrain. Hate SkyTrain. So there are a few Tim Horton's out there, but not too accessible to me anymore.
    By the way, I really love some of your posts. You sound like a really excellent, dedicated nurse.
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    I had a Polish landlady for 2 years while in college for nursing. I helped her with ESL lessons and in return, she fed me. Often it was perogies stuffed with cheese and potatoes, boiled, then tossed with bacon and green onions. Im getting hungry...
    Thanks for reminding me.

    Paprikat did you attend Lakehead University? I went to Georgian College, and have been thinking of going there as Lakehead has an agreement or something with Georgian that makes it easier to transfer credits.
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    Hi Joybug. I graduated from Confederation College....I heard good things about Lakehead. They apparently, from what I hear, very accomodating....

    Take care.
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    Pierogies very popular in Philadelphia area: Mrs. T's come frozen in all area grocery stores ---2 doz to boz or 5 lb bag. I go thru 5 lb bag every 2 weeks. Make my own meat pierogies when the spirit moves me, or take a 1 hour round trip to Philadelphia to purchase them. Polska Deli in Phila sells saurerkrut, potato cheese, meat + even prune pierogies.

    Sun-Rype Apricot jam sounds SOOOO good. Love real Canadian Bacon.

    Send me an email if you would like to try a dry ice shipment.

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