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For all of us Canadians not living at home, I recently came across a website from which you can order all your favourite delicacies. mmhmm. It is They have all kinds of junk food, montreal bagels,... Read More

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    Nurse Karen, I'm willing to send the apricot jam, the canadian bacon? It's so cold here in Vernon, I'm sure it would be frozen rock solid by the time it got to your door. March 9th and two more inches of the white stuff. Enough is enough.

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    I guess it's a good sign when you think of all the options in the world, I'd still choose nursing. I do give a lot, but I get a lot too from my patients. Never a dull moment in our co-ed rooms!!That is very rewarding.
    I was on sky train a couple of times. Would have felt like a misplaced russian if it wasn't for my sister taking the lead.The lit up zone 'maps' look greek to me. She lives in North Van - works VGH. With our new snow fall to night, I wish vernon had a handy transit system.
    Our hospital serves what they call a layered perogy casserole. Todays lunch actually. Uses lasagna noodles, layer of mashed potatoes and cheese, noodles, cottage cheese, noodles, fried onions. It's actually not to bad, but don't tell baba I said that.
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    Hello everyone. Ooops, the apricot jam was actually Summerland Sweets brand. I will stock up when I visit BC this summer.
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    THANKS :angel2: :kiss :angel2: Thank you , thank you, thank you for the canadianfavorites website! This will be even cheaper than shipping my favorites when I make trips home! Plus, after this summer, it will probably be quite a while before I get back to Alberta for a visit.

    Only wish there were good cheemo perogies on their list. I kept looking and saying "Yay! they have..., and they have...". My co-workers think I have gone nuts.

    Gotta get back!

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