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    I'm a registered nurse here in the Philippines and I haven't been able to get a job as a nurse and it's really frustrating to keep waiting for hospitals to call and sometimes, they don't because there are already a lot of nurses. Hospitals usually require a 2 year experience to get hired which I can't have because I don't have a job in a hospital. I've tried applying in a call center but it is not my calling. I don't love/like it and its affecting my health due to graveyard shift for a month or so. I've also passed my resume to different hospitals here in the Philippines and in abroad. I just keep passing my resume and there hasn't been any good response. I've already passed my resumes to different agencies and it's the same outcome. What can I do? Is there anyone out there who can give me ideas or experience?
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    Moved to the Philippine forum
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    just keep on sending resume on hospital.
    otherwise, try to consider other field, maybe there is what your luck lays but don't lose hope in finding hosptl work.
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    I'm not gona lose hope!
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    dont lose hope, if you can find even just a volunteer, that will help...
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    dont lose hope...

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