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I'm a new resident in Ontario and took the RPN exam. I'm waiting for my result but I wanted to know about the job opportunuties I need and the necessary information in order to work in the Operating... Read More

  1. by   jeannette_dvo
    hehehe.. thanks for the clarification dishes. I did went to their website and ask them. I got an answer from humber. I'm still waiting for Centennial's reply.
  2. by   Dela RN
    Quote from jeannette_dvo
    Do you have any idea how long to get a certificate? or it will took 6 months?
    Well judging fromt he website from centennial college... about a year?? They don't seem to get into specifics. But I wonder if the length of the program might change depending on the school.

    Continuing Education Program 7945 - RPN Operating Room
  3. by   jeannette_dvo
    Thanks Dela RN. I just wonder if the they will be the one who will assigned me in a actual practicum like in a acute care setting, Operating room or any hospital or I should be responsible to look for where to take my practicum. any idea?