1. [font=franklin gothic medium] hi i want to know if you recommend people to undergo toefl exam preparation? i am a nurse from philippines and want to upgrade here in canada, but before i could go to a university for a course, they need toefl grades.. so in your experience, is it ok to just self review or attend review classes? and can you evaluate my english here too?
    [font=franklin gothic medium]thank you so much.. appreciated!

    [font=franklin gothic medium]--- filipina
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  3. by   iamnomad

    It is always better to have some preparation when one is going to have an examination, be it NCLEX, IELTS, TOEFL, CRNE etc. You don't want to see yourself frustrated at the end because you are not well-prepared. It's as if you are going to a war with no gun and shields.

    Self review or review center? If you'll gonna do self review, there's a lot of good books out there. Just discipline yourself. If you want a review center, then there's this benefit that your professor will assess your english language proficiency and they can guide you all the way. But both these method can do good for you!

  4. by   suzanne4
    Review centers most definitely do not use professors.
    Most important if you are going to use one is to find one that has a native speaker, meaning someone that was born in an English-speaking country and raised there.

    It is going to be up to you to determine if you are ready or not to sit for the exam.

    It is impossible to critique your English from what you have posted above. Wriitng also does not tell anyone what your speaking skills may be like.
  5. by   iamnomad
    Thank you Suzanne for correcting me. I was actually thinking about the proper word for that (like reviewer, etc) but came up with "professor". Because taking it on Filipino context, or at least on my personal experience with other people or my classmates, we can always call a person who teach as professor. And the thread starter here is from the Philippines so I guess we understand each other. Or if not, sorry for my improper wordings.

    Anyways, for the thread starter: I think British Council and IDP Australia (in the Philippines, I don't know for other countries) has free training / seminar for IELTS after registering with them for the exam. And they are selling CD's that can guide you through the exam. I think that can also help.

    Good luck!
  6. by   NurseFromPhil
    ei thank you so much, yah we understand each other.. I will definitely check for that free training for IELTS..
  7. by   NurseFromPhil
    [font=franklin gothic medium]thanks,. i've been looking for review centers here in canada and the cheapest that i found was $580 and that is too much for me considering my j0b here. so i thought of just doing a self review and take the test, pay for $185 and then if i fail, take another exam again, pay, until i pass. my problem though is h0w long will i be eligible to take the exam again after failing?
  8. by   suzanne4
    Check out Have seen excellent results from them and the cost is only about $39 US and can be done completely on-line.

    You have to wait 90 days before being able to retest.

    Can we ask that you post all in the same black color and the same font? It makes is quite confusing to try and follow different colors and fonts in one post late at night. So it is not useful for anyone.

    And you are preparing for the English exams that you will need to write. One is never called a professor unless they are teaching at the university level and have been accored that title. It may be done in your country, but not anyplace else and if you used that word for a teacher on your exam, you would actually lose points.
  9. by   NurseFromPhil
    im sorry for the font i didnt kn0w its confusing i thought im stressing words through color... and thank you so much!ur a great help *hug*
  10. by   NurseFromPhil
    I better take IELTS then, cause its IELTS review, thanks again.
  11. by   suzanne4
    If sentence structure is good, there is no reason to change the color or font to attract one's attention to something. We use color to highlight something, but not the way that you have done in the above posts. If it were done like this in the writing section of your exam, you would lose many points.

    We are trying to prepare you here for what you will need to be doing to pass the exam as well as chart in patients' records.

    Thanks for your understanding on this.
  12. by   nursemich
    [quote=suzanne4;3437538]Check out Have seen excellent results from them and the cost is only about $39 US and can be done completely on-line.

    You have to wait 90 days before being able to retest.

    Hi Suzanne, I just want to correct that retaking the ielts exam doesn't need to wait for 90 days. From 1 May 2006 the policy on candidates re-taking IELTS was amended. The restriction on re-taking IELTS within 90 days was removed and candidates will be able to repeat the test whenever they wish.
  13. by   michaRN
    Hi Suzanne, let me update you, one can now take ielts as soon as you wanted to, you don't have to wait for 90 days. that is the latest issue.
  14. by   NurseFromPhil
    yey! that's a nice update.. how bout toefl??? is it the same rule with ielts? no more interval to take an0ther one?