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CRNE coming to a computer near you

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    (December 2, 2011) - The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is pleased to announce that the National Council of State Boards of Nursing has been selected to partner in the development of a state-of-the-art, computer-adaptive RN entry exam. The goal is to introduce the new exam in 2015.

    The end result will be a new RN entry exam that offers a fair and accurate assessment of a candidate's readiness to practise nursing in Canada. Currently, RN candidates write a paper and pen exam. This exam continues to be a valid assessment of their abilities. However, the new exam will have computer features that make it affordable, accessible year-round, and provide exam results within 48 hours leading to timely registration of nursing candidates
    Well that's good news, although too late for me...

    In this day and age, a 6 week wait for exam results is ridiculous. One good thing about NCLEX, I guess, and it sounds like the organization that oversees NCLEX is involved in this project.
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    I wonder what will happen to the current exam provider Assessment Strategies Inc.
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    That's good but too late for me, I will write in 2014!
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    A much better idea. Offering the CRNE three times a year and waiting in agony for six weeks seems archaic. I wrote in 2010. I wish we'd had that option then.
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    Hmmm, neat! I wrote CRPNE bofore the mail strike, if you thought 6 weeks was bad try not knowing if they would ever come. Ended up taking 8. If all goes well I'll write the CRNE in 2014, again, too late for me.