CONEXUS Med Staff....Experiences?

  1. Hello

    I'm an Italian nurse currently working in London, UK. I was looking to relocate in the states and found this agency that was offering sponsorship for an EB3 Green Card as long as I have a valid license in any state and commit with them for 2 years. They also offer you different benefits like 1 month accommodation, a staff member coming to pick you up at the airport when you arrive, nclex costs paid etc...
    However I couldn't find any experiences of nurses who went through the process with them and that are actually working in the states.

    Has anybody had any experience with them? Can they be trusted?

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  3. by   joleenurse90
    Hello, I am from Singapore and currently under Conexus Medstaff. I am already at the deployment stage
  4. by   Matteo.amodio
    Hi thank you for your reply! Did they make you choose your destination? That's what i'm concerned about, I don't want to commit for 2 years in a city where I don't want to live. The recruiter said to me that they only have available position in rural areas and away from the big cities, I was looking to relocate to DC or surrounding areas
  5. by   joleenurse90
    Yeah, you are right. In fact I'm gonna be deployed to Kentucky. I've never been there, I might like it there
  6. by   Vanikiki
    Hi Matteo, I'm an italian nurse too!
    In these days have you got more information about Conexus medstaff? I would like to work in California, can these agency help me?
  7. by   Alberto73
    Ciao Matteo, I too am an italian nurse and I'm about to leave for the US in a few months. First of all do you have a valid US licence?
  8. by   SpidersWeb
    Generally recruitment companies don't place international nurses in states like California or Florida and in bigger cities. The reason for this is that there are enough nurses in so called attractive cities and areas. The nursing shortage that international nurses are hired to help with tends to focus on rural areas.

    I'm with a different recruitment company but from my experience I can say that they allowed me to list a couple of states that I'd prefer but they won't guarantee placement in any of those states. They do have client hospitals in 46 of the 50 states but they'll give me job offers based on their client hospitals' needs and my skills and experience.

    However, after your employment agreement with the recruitment company is over, you're free to work wherever you want.