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  1. Hi I am preparing to take the CGFNS next month,can anybody give me some kind of psychiatric questions or post partum questions?
    I have read the Official guide but still need more preparation ,can anybody help me?

    Thank you
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It is against US copyright law to post the questions here.

    Best bet, is to look at the Saunder's Comprehensive Review if you need more help in a specific care. The book is excellent for that. The material that is covered onthe CGFNS exam is quite different in content from the NCLEX-RN exam, but you will find as much information as you need with that book, in addition to the one that CGFNS sends out.
  4. by   rnaffah
    Hi Suzanne,I was reading NCLEX books abd I saw the difference between CGFNS and NCLEX questions,so i thought i should read other guides this is why I wrote the previous thread.
    Thank you
  5. by   bt92019
    Hi rnaffah,
    It's interesting that someone's also taking cg on july 12th too! btw, how are you preparing? are reading any other materails beside cgfns study guide?how many hours/day do you make plan to study? & how many que/day are you doing? hey let me know. I'm also shooting for cgfns next month!
  6. by   suzanne4
    The exam is only given several times per year, it is not offered like the NCLEX-RN exam.
  7. by   nurse_in_me
    just keep on answering questions. Master the strategies in answering them and you will pass. GOd bless!
  8. by   rnaffah
    Hi I read the Official guide with the CD,also i read kaplan NCLEX and i am trying to read the saunders NCLEX,i hope i an read it all.

    What about you?did you start preparing or not yet?
  9. by   BINUMOL4444
    Hallo please help me
    I cant login my CGFNS account even if my username and password aer ok.Earlier i can open my account with the same user name and password now i canot.please helpme....................

    personal e-mail addresses are not permitted for your safety
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  10. by   iMikee
    Hi. newbie here.
    I passed my cgfns way back 2000 and practiced with the cgfns official guide almost exclusively - meaning after i finished answering the book i, started again from the beginning MAKING SURE my present scores were better than the previous (i answered the book three times over!).
    The cgfns guide rationales weren't enough for me so i supplemented it with Saunders' Comprehensive Review book w/c was a big help, everything was beautifully outlined and those "little pyramids" throughout the book were so handy.
    If you still got the time to read...I HIGHLY SUGGEST this small red book, The Merck Manual of Medical Information (home edition), its like your MS/OB/Peds/Pathophysiology books in ONE. Whenever i wanted a quick "review" of a certain disease, or lookup their "most common" manifestations, or find out what G6PD deficiency is...this is THE most accurate, simple,complete reference i have ever used.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!