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Hi Everyone, I have been reading and reading the blogs and have got some info with regards to heading to Arizona. I presently have a house in AZ and am looking to relocate. I have been nursing in Ontario for the past 25 years.... Read More

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    Rather than create a new thread I just want to add to this one, as I feel I am on the same boat somewhat. I'm looking to relocate, I understand I have to do the VISA screen through CGFNS; I'm getting the paper work for that ready at the moment.

    My question is, I am going to Scottsdale next week to visit family, is there anything I can or should do while in the state? I'd hate to be there, have an opportunity to get something done and not do it. I'm not in a huge rush as I am taking the perioperative course in Canada, and it won't be done until the fall of 2012. I have heard the whole process of obtaining a license can take a while though.
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    Have you registered with AZ BON and passed NCLEX? To be honest nothing can really be done whilst in the states except wait